Members of this protein family are precursors of TOMMs, that is, thizazole/oxazole-modified microcins. Members are about 42 residues in length, have a C-terminal region of extremely low complexity rich in Ser, and are often missed by ab initio gene callers. In the dimethylated form plantazolicin A, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens plantazolicin has the antibiotic activity of inhibiting growth of Gram-positive bacteria. The desmethyl form, plantazolicin B, has no antibiotic activity. The mode of action appears to be disruption of cell walls and lysis of cells. [PMID: 20971906, PMID: 21950656].

The below sequences were used to create Plantazolicin sequence signatures:


The below sequences were retrieved using Plantazolicin sequence signatures:

> CAMPPlaP | CAMPSQ2596 | B3A0N7 | 374253658
> CAMPPlaP | CAMPSQ3400 | D3VML5 |
> CAMPPlaP | CAMPSQ6946 | W1JF39 | 353685472
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