This family consists of several caerin 1 proteins from Litoria species, Australian tree frogs. The caerin 1 peptides are among the most powerful of the broad-spectrum antibiotic amphibian peptides [PMID: 12717721]. These peptides are excreted from amphibian skin, and can interact with and disrupt bacterial membranes, leading to the permeabilisation of the cell membrane.
Sequences retrieved from pattern (1)
CAMPCaeP A-x(0,1)-K-x(2,3)-P-[HR]-V-[AIV]-P-[AIV]-[IV]-[AT]-E-[HK]  
  UniProt Name
  P82104 Caerin-1.10
  P0C2A6 Caerin-1.17
  P0C2A7 Caerin-1.18
  P0C2A8 Caerin-1.19
  P81251 Caerin-1.8
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  11131738 P82104 Caerin-1.10
  122063381 P0C2A6 Caerin-1.17
  122063382 P0C2A7 Caerin-1.18
  122063383 P0C2A8 Caerin-1.19
  20138937 P82066 Maculatin-1.1

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