Cupiennins are a family of antimicrobial peptides isolated from the venom of Cupiennius salei. The pepides exhibit antimicrobial and insecticidal properties [PMID:11792701].
Sequences retrieved from pattern (1)
CAMPCupP G-F-G-[AS]-L-F-K-F-L-A-K-K-V-A-K-T-V-A-K-Q-A-A-K-Q-G-A-K-Y-[IV]-[AV]-N-K-x(2)-[EQ]  
  UniProt Name
  P83619 Cupiennin-1
  P83620 Cupiennin-1b
  P83621 Cupiennin-1c
  P83622 Cupiennin-1d
  P83622 Cupiennin-1d*
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  34921480 P83619 Cupiennin-1
  34921482 P83620 Cupiennin-1b
  34921483 P83621 Cupiennin-1c
  34921485 P83622 Cupiennin-1d
  34921485 P83622 Cupiennin-1d*

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