This family consists of antimicrobial peptides that are a group of structurally related peptides identified in the skin secretions of the Brazilian tree frog Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis and P. oreades [PMID: 15752569].
Sequences retrieved from pattern (1)
CAMPPhyP L-[GS]-[LM]-[IL]-P-x(1,2)-I-x(1,3)-S-[AGT]-[AILV]-[ASV]  
  UniProt Name
  Q17UY9 Phylloseptin 12
  P84572 Phylloseptin-7
  Q800R3 PBN1
  P84569 Phylloseptin-4
  P84570 Phylloseptin-5
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  109287609 Q17UY9 Phylloseptin 12
  150421624 P84572 Phylloseptin-7
  29123272 Q800R3 PBN1
  68565867 P84569 Phylloseptin-4
  68565868 P84570 Phylloseptin-5

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