Temporins show some sequence similarity to hemolytic peptides isolated from Vespa venom [PMID: 6206053]. Natural and synthetic temporins have antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria with no hemolytic activtiy. Temporins are one of the smallest antibacterial peptides found in nature [PMID: 9022710].
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
CAMPTemH16 T. Length16
  GI UniProt Name
  110348525 A0SN46 Amolopin-2a
  194294269 C5H3Z4 Amolopin-n2 antimicrobial peptide
  167888506 C5H0D8 Amolopin-2g antimicrobial peptide
  167888504 C5H0D7 Amolopin-2f antimicrobial peptide
  167888502 C5H0D6 Amolopin-2e antimicrobial peptide

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