This family consists of wide-spectrum antibiotic peptides isolated from the Australian toadlet, Uperoleia mjobergii. Uperins are smaller than most other wide-spectrum antibiotic peptides isolated from amphibians. Uperins adopts a well-defined amphipathic alpha-helix with distinct hydrophilic and hydrophobic faces [PMID: 10461748].
Sequences retrieved from pattern (1)
CAMPUpeP G-V-[GL]-[DS]-x-[FI]-[HR]-K-x(1,3)-V-x(1,3)-K-N-[IV]-[AV]  
  UniProt Name
  P82032 Uperin-3.1
  P82035 Uperin-4.1
  P82042 Uperin-3.5
  P82041 Uperin-3.4
  P82044 Uperin-3.7
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  7994711 P82032 Uperin-3.1
  7994714 P82035 Uperin-4.1
  7994721 P82042 Uperin-3.5
  7994712 P82033 Uperin-3.2
  7994713 P82034 Uperin-3.3

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