Title : Penaeidin-4c
GenInfo Identifier : 25090983
Source : Litopenaeus vannamei [Whiteleg shrimp]
Taxonomy : Animalia, Crustaceans (Malacostraca)
NCBI Taxonomy : 6689
UniProt: Q963C3
PubMed : 12242595
Length : 47
Activity : Antibacterial, Antifungal
Validated : Predicted
Pfam : PF05927 : ( Penaeidin )
InterPro : IPR009226 : Penaeidin.
AMP Family : Penaeidin
Signature :
ID Type Pattern / HMM T. Length
CAMPPenP Pattern G-[HY]-T-x-P-x(1,3)-P-x(0,1)-R-P-[ILP]-x(4)-[IP]-[GILP]-x(3)-[CPV]-x-[CGNT] Variable
CAMPPenH HMM Variable
Gene Ontology :
GO ID Ontology Definition
GO:0005737 Cellular Component Cytoplasm IEA
GO:0008061 Molecular Function Chitin binding IEA
GO:0042742 Biological Process Defense response to bacterium IEA
GO:0050832 Biological Process Defense response to fungus IEA
GO:0031640 Biological Process Killing of cells of other organism IEA