Title : Pseudin-4
GenInfo Identifier : 21542191
Source : Pseudis paradoxa [Paradoxical frog]
Taxonomy : Animalia, Amphibians
NCBI Taxonomy : 43558
UniProt: P83191
PubMed : 11689009
Length : 23
Activity : Antibacterial, Antifungal
Gram Nature : Gram+ve, Gram-ve
Target : E. coli, S. aureus, C. albicans
Validated : Experimentally Validated
Pfam : PF08225 : ( Pseudin antimicrobial peptide )
InterPro : IPR013156 : Antimicrobial_19.
AMP Family : Pseudin
Signature :
ID Type Pattern / HMM T. Length
CAMPPseP Pattern G-[IL]-N-[AT]-L-K-K-V-[FI]-Q-G-[IL]-H-E-[AV]-I-K-L-[IV]-[NS]-N-H Variable
CAMPPseH HMM Variable
Gene Ontology :
GO ID Ontology Definition
GO:0005576 Cellular Component Extracellular region IEA
GO:0042742 Biological Process Defense response to bacterium IEA
GO:0050832 Biological Process Defense response to fungus IDA
GO:0031640 Biological Process Killing of cells of other organism IEA
GO:0006805 Biological Process Xenobiotic metabolic process IDA