This family consists of several insect coleoptericin, acaloleptin, holotricin and rhinocerosin proteins which are all known to be antibacterial proteins. These all appear to be short, glycine-rich molecules, inducible by infection [PMID: 11520352].
Sequences retrieved from pattern (1)
CAMPColP G-x(0,1)-N-T-x-[AGT]-[DQT]-I-[DEN]-[AIV]-Q-x-[HK]-[GT]-[DEK]-[DNR]-x-D-[FV]-x-[AG]-[GT]-W-[GST]-K-V-[IV]-[DR]-G-P-[GN]-[KR]-[AS]-K-P-[NT]-[FW]-x-[IV]-G-G-[ST]-[HY]-R  
  UniProt Name
  P80032 Coleoptericin
  P81592 Acaloleptin-A1
  Q25054 Holotricin-2
  O76145 Rhinocerosin
  A9XFZ8 Coleoptericin
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  116876 P80032 Coleoptericin
  5902712 P81592 Acaloleptin-A1
  2493578 Q25054 Holotricin-2
  6093969 O76145 Rhinocerosin
  145864819 A9XFZ8 Coleoptericin

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