Cyclotides (cyclo peptides) are plant peptides of ~30 amino acids with a head to-tail cyclic backbone and six cysteine residues involved in three disulphide bonds. The cyclotides are extremely resistant to proteolysis and are remarkably stable. Cyclotides display a diverse range of biological activities, including uterotonic activity, inhibition of neurotensin binding, hemolytic, anti-HIV and anti-microbial activity. This range of biological activities makes cyclotides amenable to potential pharmaceutical and agricultural applications. Although their precise role in plants has not yet been reported, it appears that they are most likely present as defence molecules [PMID: 10600388, PMID: 12482862, PMID: 12482868, PMID: 12946412].
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  17433718 P56254 Kalata-B1 precursor
  17433719 P56871 Circulin-A
  17433720 P56872 Cyclopsychotride-A
  17433721 P56879 Circulin-B
  76364163 P84637 Cycloviolin-A

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