Penaeidins are unique family of antimicrobial peptides which were initially identified in the hemolymph of the Pacific white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei. These peptides contain an N-terminal termianl proline-rich and a C- terminal cysteine-rich domains [PMID: 12242595].
Sequences retrieved from pattern (1)
CAMPPenP G-[HY]-T-x-P-x(1,3)-P-x(0,1)-R-P-[ILP]-x(4)-[IP]-[GILP]-x(3)-[CPV]-x-[CGNT]  
  UniProt Name
  P81056 Penaeidin-1
  P81057 Penaeidin-2a
  P81058 Penaeidin-3a
  Q962A7 Penaeidin 4
  Q963C3 Penaeidin-4c
Sequences retrieved from HMM ( 1 )
  GI UniProt Name
  3024355 P81056 Penaeidin-1
  3024416 P81058 Penaeidin-3a
  73671197 Q3Y683 Penaeidin 5-2
  157881028 Q962A7 Penaeidin 4
  25090983 Q963C3 Penaeidin-4c

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